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An employee walked into my room today and said, "I want to Quit".

An employee walked into my room today and said, " I want to Quit".

I looked at him and asked for a reason.

 He said, " Culture in the office is too demotivating. People are gossiping and have no interest in their work. I think I am losing my skill set."

I smiled and said, "Fine!". But before you put down your papers, carry a glass full of water in your hand and take 3 rounds in the office making sure you don't spill even a single drop of water on the ground.

He was confused but agreed.

He came back after some time and kept the glass on the table. 

I asked him while you were taking rounds did you see anyone gossiping or did anyone disturb you.

He said NO. Rather I didn't notice because I wanted to make sure that water doesn't fall on the ground

So that is the point. If you are too focused on the job in hand, then external things won't disturb you at all.

So stay focused and keep working.

Success will come your way.

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